2023-2024 Clubs and Organizations

Name of Club/Organization: Jr. Beta Club

Faculty Sponsor/Contact:           Lora Ostrat and Latasha Zellner

Membership Requirement:     Chapter Invitation ONLY, 4th and 5th grade “A” average, “M” Discipline

Financial Obligations/Dues:  Returning Members $10.00   New Members $30.00

Mission/Purpose: To promote the ideals of Academic Achievement, Character, Service, and Leadership among elementary and secondary school students. To reward meritorious achievement and to encourage and assist students in continuing their education after high school. 

Planned Activities:   Quarterly Service Projects



Name of Club/Organization: Early Act

Faculty Sponsor/Contact:           Mrs. Whiddon and Mrs. Owen

Membership Requirement:     4th and 5th grade with application with essay

Financial Obligations/Dues:  free

Mission/Purpose: Public/Community service club 

Planned Activities: School/Local/World project



Name of Club/Organization: 3-5 STEM

Faculty Sponsor/Contact:           Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Labranche

Membership Requirement:     Grades 3-5

Financial Obligations/Dues:  $20.00 membership fee

Mission/Purpose: Science/Technology/Engineering/Math focus 

Planned Activities: TBD



Name of Club/Organization: Chorus

Faculty Sponsor/Contact:           Mrs. Campbell

Membership Requirement:     Attend all practices and performances with satisfactory conduct

Financial Obligations/Dues:  $20.00

Mission/Purpose: We strive for musical excellence in a supportive environment of respect, friendship, and fun. 

Planned Activities: Performance in December and spring concert


Name of Club/Organization: Book Club

Faculty Sponsor/Contact:           Mrs. Stevenson

Membership Requirement:     Open to Tucker students K-5

Financial Obligations/Dues:  Free

Mission/Purpose: To provide students with an opportunity to enjoy books and reading. 

Planned Activities: Meet once a month or quarterly to read a story and participate in coordinating activities.